Nate Schmidt (Las Vegas) suspended 20 matches for doping

NHL – Vegas Golden Knights defender Nate Schmidt was suspended from the North American Ice Hockey Championship (NHL) on Sunday for anti-doping rule violations for 20 games.

Nate Schmidt, 27, will be able to play again from 18 November, said the NHL, which did not specify the substance identified in the samples taken from the player. Schmidt, who scored five goals and 31 assists last season, setting new personal best times over a season, expressed his misunderstanding. « I only used supplements provided by my team and I was always extremely careful about what I ingested, » he explained.

« Not only did I not voluntarily take a prohibited substance, but I could not have benefited from it because of the very small amount of the product that was found in my body, » Schmidt regretted. The Golden Knights supported their defender. « We strongly disagree with the suspension. We are convinced that the presence of a trace of a banned substance is accidental, and unintentional, » they said.

For their NHL debut last season, the Golden Knights surprised and achieved an historic achievement: they reached the Stanley Cup final where they lost 4-1 to Washington Capitals.

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